Setback? Or opportunity in disguise?

I didn’t think I would say this at the beginning of the month, but January has been great for me.
Which is funny, because it started on a pretty bad note.

January is the month that our show takes a two week break, the longest we get in the year. Understandably, most people use that time to get away from circus and reset. Most of my friends were flying home to see family, or going on a big vacation. I was planning to stay here and use that time away from circus to do… more circus.

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An experiment in body building + minimalism.

Recently I stumbled onto an article about a bodybuilding routine that promised amazing strength gains by doing less in the gym.
Who could say no to that?

Of course, claims like these run wild on the Internet, and for the most part “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” However, I came across this program on the blog of Tim Ferris (bestselling author of: The 4-Hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Body), which made me think twice about it. He’s well known and respected when it comes to “productivity hacking”, and I know that with a following like his he wouldn’t endorse a program he didn’t feel was worth the hype.

So, I decided to give it a shot. Today was day #1.

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